Travel Information for Hampshire

Rail Information

National Rail Live Board (FRM)

National Rail Live Board for Fareham

National Rail Enquiries (FRM)

Keep up to date with all your train travel to and from Fareham

Bus Information

First Group Homepage

Fareham Borough Council's public transport page, including bus travel information


Fareham Cycle Map

Route You Fareham Cycle Map

MapMyRide Cycling page

Fareham Cycling information from MapMyRide


Car Park information

Fareham Borough Council's car park information page

Car Park Map (JPG)

Fareham Borough Council's car park map

Town Access Plan

Fareham Planning Strategy

Fareham Town centre planning policies which guide planning applications and planning decisions

Fareham CCTV Map

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Fareham CCTV Slideshow

View snapshots from the CCTV traffic camera feeds on Hampshire's major road network

Please be aware that Hampshire ROMANSE do not record any images streamed from our CCTV cameras, they are solely used for the purpose of live traffic monitoring and each snapshot capture is irretrievably overridden every 3 - 5 minutes